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Area around the guesthouse

Františkovy Lázně

Františkovy Lázně is known for its integration of natural parks into urban developments. Public buildings with colonnades, spring pavilions, musical pavilions, restaurants etc. are connected by sandy paths which cross parks designated for regular walks. The facades of some local buildings are ochre and yellow whilst others are a combination of white and silver. These colours combined with the greenery of the parks, and shuttered balconies create the atmosphere of a seaside resort. It is a beautiful city, which is striving to be listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Live music from Classical to Jazz is often played in the pavilions and this adds to the atmosphere enjoyed by all. The local Mineral springs are salty and odourless. There are 21 springs all together, of which 18 are open to the public.

Morning walks to Natalie spring?

In front of our guesthouse is a sandy pathway (wheelchair path) leading to spring Natalie. This Spring and our Guest house are both named after a Serbian princess who was cured here. Spring Natalie is surrounded by a U-shaped colonnade in the neoclassicist style. It is a very romantic and peaceful place. This colonnade has been used as a symbol of Františkovy Lázně for a long time. You can turn left before entering spring Natalie, and then continue via wooden footbridges across the grove until you reach spring Sofia where you can wash your feet and legs. It is very refreshing experience!

Half-day trip with the kids to lake America?

A half-day trip to America lake with its mini-ZOO and forest park is possible by following stream Slatinný, crossing the city centre via parks and up to the recreational area by lake. The pathway is suitable for in-line skaters, cyclists, or hiking. The distance is 3.3 km and there are several springs to enjoy along the way.

Nature reserve America is an important nesting site and migration stop for several bird species. It is not only the lake itself that attracts the wildlife but also the adjacent wetlands and peat bogs. There is an observatory, from where you can traverse the waterlogged island which is permanently inhabited by a colony of Black-headed Gull. The mini-ZOO has llamas, goats, pigs, and other animals. The nature reserve also offers a playground, the possibility to rent rowboats and pedal-boats, local sandy mini beach and a restaurant above the water level which serves fresh fish, pancakes and ice cream.

Cycling trip for families with school age children, MTB, 40 km, 3 hours

Cheb basin is characterised by its flat terrain making cycling a popular local pastime. The local landscape is strewn with large bodies of water (Jesenice, Skalka, Amerika), agricultural fields and the meandering river Ohře. There are peat bogs and moorlands (Soos, Nový Hrozňatov, Vackovec) and forest areas around the perimeter of the Cheb basin (Slavkov forest, Smrčiny, Dyleň forest, Kynžvart forest).

ROUTE NR. 1 (short and long version)

Route includes four castles, the ruins of Pomezná fortress and the Žirovice prehistoric burial ground.

From our guesthouse go to spring Natalie, then across to lookout tower and close to the mini-ZOO next to hotel Pyramida, then through the village of Střížov to Komorní hůrka volcano, then to village Klest, then Bříza (with its fortress ruin and hydroelectric power station) than along the border in the direction of the „old boarder guard“ towards Libá. At the border guard, turn right towards Libá (restaurant Liebenstein and castle in Libá with possibility of a guided tour), then up the hill to Lužná and on to the next mini village Sorkov. For the shorter version – go straight to Lužná, in Lužná turn left and go around Miska pond and along the dike of Amerika back to Františkovy Lázně. For longer version – turn left in Sorkov towards the village Ostroh, by Ostroh’s church turn left and cross the tall bridge over spring Slatinný, which ends up at castle Seeberg. From castle Seeberg continue to the villages of Poustka and Mýtinka, along train track over Zelený Háj (you will see sheep and old farmhouses) then to village Skalná (castle), then on to village Starý Rybník (ruin of castle and chateau), from there to Žirovice (prehistoric burial ground) and back to Františkovy Lázně.

Map for tour 1 – HERE

Tour nr. 2 to castle Seeberg and lookout tower Kappelenberg in Germany, MTB, 37.5 km, 3 hours

The second recommended trail is from our guesthouse to chateau Seeberg, then to village Poustka, on to Zelený Háj (pay attention when crossing main road to city Aš), you will reach Vojtanov (border crossing), then you continue towards lookout tower Kappelenberg (5 km) and from Bad Brambach to village Pleasná OR from Vojtanov over Skalná village, Vonšov, Žirovice back to Františkovy Lázně.

Map for tour 2 – HERE

Tips for trips

Swimming in nature and in multifunctional Aquaforum Complex

Aquaforum is the most popular water park in West Bohemia. Its located 5 minutes’ walk from our guesthouse, within the complex is the Pawlik Spa resort which is open to the public every day from 9AM till 9PM. Basic entry fee is from 150 CZK/2 hours. You can also indulge in a very pleasant nature swim in Jesenice dam, or from the gravel-sandy beaches of Všeboř. There is also a camp site where you can rent pedal-boats, rowboats, and canoes, you can also enjoy a water trampoline with the so-called ‘banana’. Sportsmen will appreciate the football pitch, volleyball, streetball, and basketball ground as well as the ping-pong tables. Skalka dam is suitable for swimmers near village Podhradí. It is also popular for windsurfing, yachting, or fishing. Other nature swims can be had at the former quarry’s of Sorgen (Kateřina) or Velký Luh.

Half day trip over geomorphological units of Cheb basin

A trip to Komorní Hůrka volcano, around 3.5km away is an ideal bike ride. Its interior is open to the public thanks to the EU project „Gateway to the Earth’s interior“. It can be accessed by pedestrians via the nature trail. The starting point is in settlement Komorní Dvůr, its about 600 meter long and it is heading from Slatina to Klest or vice versa. Soos nature reserve is around 4.5 km from Františkovy Lázně is like a little Yellowstone park in Czech Republic. The location was originally a salt-water lake, which has gradually transformed into peat bogs and mineral salt marshes over time. You will find traces of volcanic activity, namely moffettes – mud volcanoes emitting pure carbon dioxide, as well as numerous mineral springs (Emperors spring). The Nature reserve is open from March till November. Geopark is occupies 220 hectares. The 2 km long, planked nature trail is a 40 mins walk and costs 100 CZK/person. It is suitable for mums with pushchairs. Children can enjoy a ride on the narrow-gauge railway from Soos to the Kateřina stop and back, the train goes every hour and costs 80 CZK/person. Within the Soos reserve is the DINO pavilion which has models of prehistoric animals, a scientific exposition with specimens of stuffed birds and rescue stations for the animals of SooS. Similar natural phenomenon can be found in Bublák – located between the villages of Milhostov and Vackovec, as well as near Hartoušovské mofety – which can be found along the road from Hartoušov to Hněvín, about 9 km from Františkovy Lázně, and easily reachable by bike. These areas emit the largest volume of Helium in Europe. The nearby villages of Skalka, Okrouhlá, Dřenice and on the beach of Jesenice dam are locations where you may be able to find the green minerals, moldavites.,,,,

One day trip to Doubrava to experience the architecture and culture of Cheb

Cheb’s carved wooden houses are typical of the rural architecture of the Carlsbad region. The group of medieval houses called Špalíček are the symbol of Cheb’s main square as well as a monument reserve of Cheb city. This complex of 11 houses is divided by shopkeeper’s alley where excellent coffee/beverages and ice cream can be purchased from the shop Gelateria Corso. The information Centre, located within the main square, sells tickets for the „Under the roof of Cheb houses“ tour. The tour takes up to 1,5 hours to complete and the cost is 150 CZK/person. You will be guided through the multi-storey attic spaces of the burghers houses on the square. Cheb’s castle and its Black Tower, from which a number of Roman emperors and German kings were descended, is the only castle of this type of architecture in the Czech Republic. Admission is 100 CZK/person. The Castle can be seen when walking towards the Sand Gate along the river (street Mlýnská) in direction of playground Krajinka.

If you would like to spend time in rural areas, we recommend a visit to the Eco museum Doubrava by Lipová, which is about 10km away. Doubrava has carved wooden houses that are typical for this region and it is also a monument reserve. The most famous house, No. 3 is open to the public and displays historical folk furniture and agricultural tools. Skanzen is open from April through to September and admission is 70 CZK/person. You could also take a pleasant walk along Stebnický stream.,,

One day rafting on Ohře river from Tršnice to Kynšperk n. Ohří

From our guesthouse you can ride to the next village of Tršnice, where you can leave your bike and rent a boat for 580 CZK (kayak for 2 people). After a 16km Paddle you will disembark in Kynšperk nad Ohří. The river journey is calm and meandering, taking you through Nebanice and up to blind shoulder in Kynšperk nad Ohří. This trip is suitable for parents with children and it is possible to extend it according to the physical abilities of your party. From the final stop you will be taxied by car, back to Tršnice. Stops on the river Ohře are as follows: Tršnice – Nebanice (food and drink) – Kynšperk nad Ohří (food and drink) – Černý Mlýn (food and drink) – Sokolov – Loket – Karlovy Vary. A particularly memorable part of the journey lies between Loket and Karlovy Vary and is called Svatošské skály.

Outdoor Go-Kart Track in Odrava

Odrava, approximately 10km from our Guest house, is easily reachable by bicycle or car. The kart rental is open from March through to October. Single kart riders must be 10 years and above as well as meet the minimum height requirement of 135 cm. For parents with smaller children, you can rent a kart for two people. Standard single karts can be rented for 300 CZK/13 mins. There is a coffee-bar on site that serves snacks and beverages where you can relax whilst watching the racing on-track. It is a safe place for families, where the kids can have fun and enjoy the excitement.